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In this book, Dr. Terry Jackson, a renowned expert in executive coaching and organizational change, discusses co-creation leadership and how all leaders can use it to achieve organizational success. He also introduces the co-creation leadership's RECIPE model:

They say there are no new stories. Every novel you read is based on a formula. Sometimes their roots are in fairytales. Other times, they’re based on one of the classics. Many are built on religious stories.

Music is very much the same. While we might have endless genre options today, they all came from the same roots, and in the case of most modern western music, that origin probably lies in 12-bar blues.

Whether it’s rock, hip hop or something else, if you dig right down through the gimmicks and samples, at the very heart of every piece, there is probably going to be a collection of chords that are based on 12 musical bars. There may be additional pieces of music with different tempos and timing, and there’s probably a catchy chorus, but it’s all built on the same foundation – 12-bar blues.

In many ways, business is just like music. There’s all sorts of new, exciting stuff happening out there, but when you peel away all the bells and whistles, you’re going to find the same basics that have been the foundation for decades or even centuries.

Music and business are always evolving and will continue to do so. But even the most innovative and groundbreaking ideas need something solid to rest on.

Let’s take a closer look at how you can use the concepts of 12-bar blues to improve your leadership style, build a solid organization, and become more open to change.

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