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  •  360-Degree Verbal Assessment. Learn the best-practice approach to getting critical information about the impact your client has on others, and how they can be even better.
  •  The Leader’s Dashboard. This simple, powerful tool helps leaders get grounded in and focused on what matters most to their success and the success of their organization. It is an executive-level development plan and has been used in hundreds of organizations worldwide.
  •  Behavioral Coaching. We help clients find that one behavior that will have the biggest impact on their success and make it a habit.  Developed based on proven research from cognitive behavioral psychology.
  •  Perceptual Coaching and the Inner Game. Great coaches help clients shift limiting beliefs and generate the attitudes needed for success. Our Coaching Solution shows you how.
  • Communicate Simply and Powerfully. We help our clients have optimal impact and communication flexibility.
  •  Influence Conversation Flexibility & Impact. One of the most valuable services an executive coach can offer is to help clients prepare effectively for high stakes influence conversations.  Our Coaching Solution shows clients a best-practice approach for helping clients plan and practice for optimal results.
  •  Overcoming Overwhelm via Time & Priority Management.  Overwhelm is a huge coaching topic today. This Coaching Solution prepares our clients to address overwhelm and use their time in the most productive and strategic way.
  •  Leadership/Executive Presence. Leadership presence can mean many things, depending on our client and their organization.  Our solutions prepare our clients “how” to go from the general “Develop leadership presence” to specifics that improve performance.
  • Coaching on the Personal Domains. Executives and leaders at all levels struggle with work-life flow. Also, distractions outside of work can influence performance at work. Our coaching solution has tools and methods to help our clients find balance.
  • Helping Client Improve Their Network of Professional Relationships. Coaching is often about relationships up, down, across, and outside the organization. We coach and prepare our clients to become aware of the quality of their professional relationships and improve them with a systematic approach.
  • Engage Employees. We coach our clients to improve their engagement. This Coaching Solution has been tested with a controlled study and been proven statistically to improve employee engagement – within units and across an organization.
  • Resolve Unproductive Conflict. We coach our clients to resolve conflicts and reduce conflict among their team members.
  • Team Coaching. Based on twenty years of collaborating with teams, we have learned a straightforward, practical, and highly effective way to coach team leaders and team members to improve team performance.
  • Strategic Planning. Coaching is now an accepted way to help clients plan and execute strategy. Our 3-part approach has been used in organizations of all sizes – at much less cost and without being invasive compared to consulting firms. It is an eye opener to see how powerful coaching can be when helping with strategy.  We have engaged with a Fortune 50 company, beating out some of the largest management consulting firms in the world using this methodology!
  •  Foster Collaboration Up, Down, Across, And Outside The Organization. This coaching methodology helps our clients think about how to break down silos in theirorganizations, and get leaders from different units working better together. It also helps clients think about potential collaborations outside the organization, and how to form a win-win collaboration. Perfect for complex organizations.
  •  Coaching Clients to Lead Change. Change is a fruitful area for executive coaching. Get the best practices and a complete methodology for what can prove to be 12- 24-month engagements.
  •  Succession Planning. Help clients develop a pipeline of leaders and make succession planning and leadership development part of the fabric of their organization.
  • Service Excellence. We coach our clients to make measurable improvements in customer service and loyalty.
  • Mergers are often a disaster because leaders fail to consider the cultural and people-related issues with the merger. Our Coaching Solution helps clients avoid the landmines that are often missed and help people move forward during the stress and uncertainty that a merger can create.
  • Board Development. We work with non-profit and for-profit boards of directors. This Coaching Solution has been used with Boards of organizations of all sizes to help Board members be more accountable, come together as a team, and clarify roles and responsibilities.
  •  High-Performance Culture. This single Coaching Solution can transform an organization. We utilize a key metaphor and approach to help clients navigate culture change and create the culture they want to see. Unlike other approaches, this CoachingSolution focuses on specific new behaviors and performance metrics at all levels of the organization. We go far beyond the more superficial approaches to culture change
  •  Execute Effectively. “Why can’t we execute?” When we hear this from our clients, we equip them to answer that question and create an organization that can finally identify the right priorities and get them done.
  •  Coaching for Career Success Bundle. This bundle of coaching solutions helps our clients in their career transition. This includes our acclaimed “instant career plan,” personal branding toolkit, and success in a new role toolkit. We also provide an overview of how to position career planning most effectively.
  • Coaching the Growing Business Bundle. Our CASTLE Model for Business Growth shows clients a clear process and methodology to coach business owners to grow their businesses and strengthen them in preparation of investors or exit. This Coaching Solution includes an assessment of the strength of the business, coaching to keep the client accountable for setting and achieving goals, tactics to grow the business, strategies so that your client doesn’t feel chained to the business, and strategic planning for the smaller business. These solutions dovetail with the rest of our Coaching Solutions to help our clients become better leaders and build strong teams.
  • Think Comprehensively About Issues. Our Coaching Solutionsgives clients approaches to be sure that our clients are considering their challenges with strong critical thinking skills and a comprehensive approach. We also include a process for clients to use this content to create their own frameworks and establish their own intellectual capital.
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