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JCG Business Process Improvement

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JCG can help you build into your own organization the skills required to maintain business process effectiveness over the long term. Our approach to Business Process Improvement Training can be tailored to your needs by incorporating modules such as the following:

  • Basic Process Improvement Concepts

  • Common Types of Process Maps Facilitating a Process

  • Mapping Workshop

  • Analyzing a Process Map

  • Identifying Process Improvement Opportunities

  • Implementing Process Changes

  • Monitoring Process Improvement

  • Effectiveness Business Process Improvement

Getting “The Whole System” In The Room

Business processes, by definition, cut across organizational and functional boundaries. Consequently, effective business process analysis and improvement is best accomplished through the involvement of cross-functional teams of individuals who actually work in the system and know it first-hand.

JCG consultants have years of experience in chartering and working with business process improvement teams and can provide the kind of project design support, facilitation, process-analysis tools, practices and training that will ensure the success of your company’s business process improvement and re-engineering program.

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