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JCG Team Alighment


One of the most commonly found characteristics of consistently successful organizations is that they not only align individual leaders who possess the tactical elements for success but also create teams that commit to and live high-performance behaviors. JCG specialists know that these elements, combined with structures and processes, create a leadership environment that drives and sustains leadership performance and impact. We work with clients to ensure team alignment and engagement in the priorities of the organization while operating at the highest level of performance. In our experience, team alignment and engagement are relevant not only to Fortune 1000 teams but also to family and founder run organizations where reconciling differing aspirations can create the conditions for long-term success.

Our services are built in collaboration with our clients, but typically involve the following elements:

  • Discovery: Engage in deep dialogues with senior executives to determine the unique team and leadership needs for future success

  • Design: Customize solutions based on the organization’s purpose, vision, values and strategy

  • Challenge: Shift attitudes and mindsets that drive behavior, culture and performance; address barriers to progress and help resolve them at both individual and team levels

  • Develop: Enhance decision-making, collaboration and other vital teaming behaviors

  • Sustain: Create best-in-class internal processes and build sustainable internal capability; define the team’s charter, composition and success measures

  • Impact: Maintain a relentless focus on business impact; we are committed to delivering a high return on investment.

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