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Leadership Development


Increasingly, our clients tell us that leadership assessment without an explicit link to development is a lost opportunity to embed key leadership behaviors and to produce sustainable business results. JCG’s Executive Leadership Development experts link assessment outcomes and development activities directly to business imperatives.


Many organizations waste time and money reinventing the wheel by developing content for their in-house leadership development programs, academies, and universities. Worse, they sometimes spend a small fortune with a training firm building a program from scratch. Often, these programs fail to achieve results.

At the same time, there is a huge market for coaches to offer a public leadership & coaching academy to small and mid-sized companies who lack the resources to develop their own in-house programs.

The JCG Consulting Group already has a practical, powerful coaching academy and applied leadership development program ready for you to implement so that you and your clients don’t have to start from scratch. It combines coaching, peer support, training, and a focus on results that participants bring back to their jobs and your organization.

Unlike other leadership development programs, this is not a didactic training program that will cause participants to tune out. Our program is not a boring lecture format filled with fluff, or pushing a bunch of leadership principles onto participants based on the latest best-selling book.

Instead, our program is based on the best practices of applied leadership development. It is focused on getting practical results, and on engaging high-potential managers and leaders the way they learn best.

Here are the details of our HPLA System:


  • Practical. The program challenges participants to make specific improvements in their own performance after each and every meeting.

  • Measurable. The emphasis is on achieving measurable results on the job and for the organization, between meetings and throughout the program. That way, the participant and the entire organization benefits.

  • Emphasis on results. Unlike most programs that focus on how satisfied the participant was, our program tracks results achieved. Not just gains in skills – but actual results that each participant documents and that matters to the organization.

  • Best practice content, DONE FOR YOU AND READY TO GO. The content is based on the best practice methodologies and tools. It comes with worksheets and forms for participants; and forms for each session to record results and accountability.

  • Powerful approach. The approach combines the best practices in coaching, peer support, facilitation, goal setting, accountability, setting goals and tracking progress, and a long-term program.

  • Flexible. You can adjust the program to bring in specific case studies, speakers, and projects directly from your own organization.

How it works:

  • Monthly meetings over a year. Participants meet each month for one half a day over the course of a year. After a year, participants have a graduation ceremony to share successes, specific results achieved, and next steps. You can also adjust the program so that it runs in six-month increments.

  • Small group size. Class size can vary, but class sizes of between 10 to 20 works best.

  • Support woven in. In between sessions, there is time for one-on-one coaching and other forms of support.

  • Four-hour meeting format that starts and ends with accountability. Each meeting begins with participants sharing what they achieved since the last meeting. Then, participants receive education about a new topic and commit to results in the coming month based on that topic. They complete a 30-day accountability plan and support one another in achieving it. Over time, the results add up in significant ways — for the participant and the organization. See the agenda below for examples of class topics.

  • Peer support. Each meeting begins with peer support as participants share their challenges in achieving their goals and results.

  • Accountability. Participants leave each class committing to specific, measurable results.

  • Results tracking. Results are tracked throughout the year and shared at graduation.

  • Dashboard. Participants create a Leader’s Dashboard to keep them focused on their most important priorities and performance metrics at work; they share this with their manager to make sure there is organizational alignment.

  • Graduation. A graduation ceremony celebrates results for all participants.

  • Modular. You can easily add your own case studies, content, discussions of mission and values, assessments, class projects and special guest speakers.

The overall agenda:


Meeting #1: Leadership Disciplines, Behaviors and Habits.

Meeting #2: Leadership and the Power of Perception.

Meeting #3: Communicate Simply & Powerfully.

Meeting #4: Engage and Mobilize Employees.

Meeting #5: Managing or Leading Up.

Meeting #6: Handling Overwhelm & Getting Control of Time.

Meeting #7: Thinking Comprehensively to Get Great Ideas and Solve Crucial Problems.

Meeting #8: Influence with Impact.

Meeting #9: Your Powerbase and Building Strong Professional Relationships.

Meeting #10: Strategic Planning.

Meeting #11: Create a High-Performance Culture/Prepare for Graduation.

Meeting #12: Graduation and Taking Your Leadership into the Community.

The system delivers great results

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